„K-Pop Confidential“ von Stephan Lee

This will be my first review in English, so I am feeling a little nervous about it. Usually , my English is quite good, but in stressful situations (like, writing a review about an amazing book) I tend to make mistakes and forget every vocabulary I have ever learned. Hopefully, I will write an understandable review with the help of a good friend and google translator ;-).

About the book:

Candace is your average Korean-American teen – who can’t believe her luck when she’s picked from thousands of auditionees to travel to Seoul and train to become a K-pop star. There’s only one problem: she’s really not cut out for it. The language is hard, the girls are mean, and the number-one rule is NO DATING – which proves impossible after she meets superstar idol One.J and fellow trainee YoungBae. In the battle to debut, Candace must decide whether a spot in the most hyped K-pop girl group of all time is really worth risking everything …

First of all, the style of writing is soooo good. It is so easy to read and it feels like flying through the pages. I love how humerous it is written and meaningful at the same time. Later I will come back to the deepness of this book.

Also, the chapters have got a perfect length and at the end of the book is an ‚K-Pop K-Dictionary‘, which explains terms like ‚aegyo‘, ‚finger hearts‘, ‚maknae‘ or ‚visual‘ and many more, for everyone who is not that much into the K-Pop world.

So this book is not only a must have for every K-Pop fan, it also can be read by anyone else, who is attracted by the blurb of the book.

Me as a fangirl #1

Candace is an average Teenage Girl, so it is quite easy to sympathize with her. She is very funny, a little bit impulsive and sometimes a bit careless, but she is 15-years old, so it is perfectly fine. I have been the same in my younger years (younger years = four years ago) and it has not changed yet.

I love how every girl in her trainee-group is very different to each other, which make them individual and memorable.

I really enjoyed reading this book, because it seemed to be so easy and lighthearted, but while reading I was suprised about the deepness written between the pages. As a K-Pop fan I have heard about the strictness and the effort it takes to become a K-Pop superstar, but it hits me really hard, while reading this book. As Candace, I was completely shocked by the life of a K-Pop trainee. I felt weith her in every second. Also I started watching music videos of K-Pop artists with an extra portion of respect, not that I haven’t respected it before, but after reading this book I feel even more admiration for every artist.

„You are worth so much. No one in there can decide your value“

K-Pop Confidential

The ending has been totally unexspected! I don’t want to spoiler anything but the ending has been the reason for me to take ‚K-Pop Confidential‘ as another highlight of the year. It was impacking and I also cried some tears, because of how emotionally it was.

To come to an end, „K-Pop Confidential“ is (in my humble opinion) a must read for every K-Pop fan and so much more than just a YA book!

I can’t wait to read „K-Pop Revolution“, which is going to be published on the fifth of April 2022.

Me as a fangirl #2

Price: 7,89 €

Pages: 359

ISBN: 978-1913322298

Published by: Scholastic Ltd.


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